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Six tips for landing a PR job

The question young professionals  ask most often during my visits to college campuses is: How do I get that first job? During the 100th anniversary weekend of the School of Journalism and Communications (SOJC) at the University of Oregon, some “older” professionals conducted a panel on the subject. Afterwards, one of the students, Nikki Kesaris, […]
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The Style of Chicago PR People

Rich’s Rules on the Style of Chicago Public Relations People As presented at the Chicago PRSA Chapter reception to honor Rich with the Senior Leader Award, December 2, 2015   “I LOVE PUBLIC RELATIONS!” What an important, challenging, ever-changing profession. I believe good communications is at the center of every interaction. If it isn’t, bad […]
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10 Rules to Develop Your Client Indispensability Quotient Here are critical ways you can prove what a valuable asset you are to your clients—internal and/or external. There are 11 items on this list for a reason. Read on. Listen aggressively (and never hesitate to ask questions) Exude enthusiasm no matter what—prove your commitment! Manage flawlessly: […]
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Winning New Business: Rule #4

Listen. The “listen factor” is really part of each of these New Business Rules. The only way to learn what the prospect wants or needs is to listen when she talks. Sure, ask good questions. And, make some points—but only so you can listen to the reactions. Of course, listen to everyone who’s in a […]
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Winning New Business: Rule #3

Want it. Badly. If you aren’t totally committed to do what it takes to win, don’t compete.  The payback from a 120% effort is much, much greater than a 75% effort.  There is just too much at stake in each pitch—including your reputation. Always give it your best. Then, even if you don’t win, you’ll […]
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