Winning New Business: Rule #2

Have a Game Plan.

Just like competing in any sport, your team has to have a plan. You need order, organization, leadership, discipline, goals.

Of course, it helps to have a mission. It can be as simple as “TO WIN.”  But if you think it through, your plan will help you accomplish other objectives that are also good for your business.

If you follow your plans consistently, you actually begin to develop a process. You build on your experiences, document and inventory, analyze, know when to break the rules, anticipate issues, effectively allocate resources. That’s when you can really enjoy the win, since you don’t want to “win at all costs.”

For more than 20 years I have used a “New Business Checklist” to remind me of everything to keep in mind when developing a pitch plan. There are dozens of options. One section is devoted to ways to win the business before the pitch.

Nothing beats a great team with a great game plan.

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