Rules from Rich to develop your Indispensability Quotient

10 Rules to Develop Your Client Indispensability Quotient

Here are critical ways you can prove what a valuable asset you are to your clients—internal and/or external. There are 11 items on this list for a reason. Read on.

  1. Listen aggressively (and never hesitate to ask questions)
  2. Exude enthusiasm no matter what—prove your commitment!
  3. Manage flawlessly: deadlines, details, dollars
  4. Demonstrate your resourcefulness in all things
  5. Know the business like an insider… maintain the perspective of an outsider
  6. Anticipate constantly–while keeping current on everything
  7. Develop all the ways to complement your client’s strengths/weaknesses
  8. Engage with empathy professionally and, with care, personally
  9. Challenge with new ideas regularly
  10. Deliver value (and merchandise it, however subtly)
  11. Exceed expectations!
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