Winning New Business: Rule #1

It’s a Team Sport.

Everyone needs to be involved.  Everyone.  There is a role for each person in the office.   Some of the responsibilities are ongoing and some are specific assignments for a specific pitch.   (I have a list of 15 major tasks.)

Those not involved in a specific pitch should be assisting on the regular work not being performed by the people who are.  (The best new business initiative is the one that does not let existing business suffer.  In any way.)

The teamwork of your whole firm has to be evident to the prospect.  Lack of it tends to be pretty visible.

And, the sense of teamwork between those in the presentation is particularly critical.  That’s why it’s called a “pitch team”.  If the professionals aren’t coordinated, complementary, familiar with one another and rehearsed to prove it, you’ll be sorry.  That lack of teamwork isn’t just visible, it’s really embarrassing.

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