Hey, Boomer…

How typical:  a Baby Boomer trying something new.   This site is a combination of interests:  marketing, public relations, branding…and Baby Boomers.

The objective is to provide a cross section of information that will be useful to Boomers and anyone hoping and/or forced to deal with us.   Its content will help us understand ourselves better and help those attempting to communicate with us do a better job.

The strategy is to use experiences in segmenting audiences and in targeting communications to provide a place for meaningful dialogue  that helps ensure life as a Boomer is rich, full and, as genetically feasible, long.  While faced with more decisions than ever, the framework we’ve used all our lives to make key choices is changing as fast as many of our other parts.

The audience is, of course, Boomers.  But also our families, friends, colleagues at work, marketers of products and services that are, or could be, relevant to us.

There is no shortage of information.  Everyone from the federal government to consumer product marketers to the nearby cemetery wants to reach us with advice, insights and offers.   So, it isn’t more info, but we could use insights to find and process the most important information.   It is influenced by a variety of factors— finances, career, health, family, geography, lifestyle, personal goals, to name a few.  Certainly,  the 18-year age differential of the younger to older Baby Boomers is a critical “life stage” determinant.

Boomers like to think we are different and can’t be stereotyped.   We can’t.   Thanks to all the old and new media, we don’t have to be in order to be reached effectively.  At the same time, there are trends  that combine to represent large audience segments— demographically or psychographically.  It can be  challenging.

This site will help.  Hopefully, you’ll find information to assist you in analyzing marketing messages and other input so you can make plans and decisions in the best interests of you, your family and your work.    It is important that you share your own philosophies and experiences.  You can  compare that to “experts”  invited to provide their points of view.

Please join in.

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